Institute Promotes Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the Cybersecurity Institute will host four guest speakers this October from government, industry, and higher education to promote cybersecurity awareness.

On October 1, Dr. Arthur House, Chief Cyber Security Risk Officer for the State of Connecticut, presented his talk, "Cyber Threats: The State Fights Back," on cyber threats facing individuals and governments, the business community, elections, and national security. On October 8, Dr. Markus Hofmann, a researcher at Bell Labs, will presented "Reshaping Our Interaction and Communications," his long-term vision for the future of human collaboration and the implications for security and privacy. On October 22, as a joint presentation with the CICS Rising Stars lecture series, Carnegie Mellon University doctoral candidate Pardis Naeini will explore consumer concerns and preferences on having personal data collected by the Internet of Things in her presentation, "Informing Privacy and Security Decision-Making in an IoT World." Finally, a talk will be given by Dr. Reinier Broker from the Center for Communications Research, a non-profit which performs research in support of the National Security Agency's mission in cryptology.