The University of Massachusetts Amherst is offering a Graduate Certificate in Information Security. The program is open to the public and offers comprehensive training in information technology security, policy, and risk management.

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University of Massachusetts Information Security Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Information Security 

UMass Amherst's Information Security Graduate Certificate is an on-line program that will help build the sought-after-skills and knowledge needed to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive field.  The program offers comprehensive training in information technology, policy, and risk management. It is an academic sequence of five courses that altogether comprise an official certificate under the rules of the UMass Amherst Faculty Senate. An undergraduate track is also available to students with an Associate's Degree or work experience.




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can apply?

The graduate certificate is open to matriculated graduate students and post-graduate non-degree students, as long as they have the prerequisites for the courses and submit the required pre-application. Students do not need to matriculate (or be enrolled at) the UMass Amherst to participate. It is also open to matriculated students. Graduates of the Information Security Certificate program can transfer credits to UMass Amherst (or other institutions) should they enroll after acceptance to the campus.

is the instruction?

The program's instruction varies per class.  All classes are available to remote students or as online only classes.  Students may also attend classes in person in Springfield, depending on the course. 

Are there any

Students seeking the graduate certificate must complete a pre-application.

There are no prerequisite courses required to begin the undergraduate program.

Generally, the course order does not matter.  

are the classes held?

We schedule classes so that all 15 credits can be taken within 12 months.  Some classes are semester-length and others run for 8 weeks at an accelerated pace.  We offer classes all year, including summer.