“This class was eye opening.  To step back and discuss history, law and current day issues in a broader sense than we would ever do for work will only help me going forward have a fresher and different perspective. I think others would benefit as well from this course - and I have already recommended it.  It isn't easy but it is a great learning experience.”
“Returning to school after many, many years away was a challenge.  However Tracy Mitrano's teaching approach and passion made it interesting.  The tie of history into the current day issues was particularly eye opening.”
“Tracy Mitrano is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic.   I was concerned about a four hour class keeping my attention after working a full day, but each class went by quickly due to her ability to keep the lectures and discussions exciting, relevant and interesting.”
Most favorite part of class was“The lectures and class discussions.  So interesting to see how history plays into this current technological revolution and the varying view points and opinions made me think about and consider ideas I hadn't before.”
“Extremely well organized. It was mix of modern legal, policy and social aspects, and tied them to historical events and law to bring the full context.”
“A great cohort of students which resulted in excellent in-class discussion of the lessons and reading.”