Student Directory


Active Graduate Students from Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

George Provelengios (; Ph.D student; Microprocessor software security;  Advisor: Tessier

Xuzhi Zhang (; Ph.D student; Network security; Advisor: Tessier

Srinivasa Varadan Ramanujam <>; PhD Student;  Hardware Security; Advisor: Burleson

Ethan Miller,  <>; Undergrad; Side-channel Countermeasures;  Advisor: Burleson

Chris Brissette, <>; MS student; Hybrid Side-channel Attacks and Countermeasures;  Advisor: Burleson/Koren

Dong Chen <>; Ph.D. student; IoT Privacy; Advisor: Irwin

Xiaozhe Shao, <>; PhD student; IoT Security; Advisor: Gao

Sebastian Wallat <>; PhD student; FPGA Security; Advisor: Paar

Samaneh Ghandali <>; Ph.D student; Hardware Security,  Advisor: Paar

Siva Nishok Dhanuskodi <>; Ph.D student;  Low-Power Design of Hardware Security Primitives;  Advisor: Holcomb

Shahrzad Keshavarz,  <>; Ph.D student;  Hardware Obfuscation and Reverse Engineering;  Advisor: Holcomb

Harshavardhan Ramanna,  <>; MS student; Hardware Security; Advisor: Holcomb

Richard Hartnett,  <>; Undergrad; Side-channel Countermeasures;  Advisor: Holcomb

Vinay Patil <>; PhD student; Hardware Security; Advisor: Kundu

Md Nazmul Islam <>; PhD student; Hardware Security; Advisor: Kundu